In brief Starlight ..
  • Finds all the fixed star relationships in a natal chart and then delineates them via Bernadette Brady's research work. .
  • Is also a planetarium designed especially for astrologers - you can learn the sky by using Starlight.
  • Allows you to astrologically explore the influence of the Fixed Stars mundane charts. (countries and world events) - This is through the too of the parapegma - a first in astrological software.
  • Allows you to do research into Fixed Stars and their role in astrology - a first in astrological software.
  • Produces Fixed Star Reports on Natal Charts - a first in astrology. These reports receive rave reviews from many people who have bought them talking of how the stars finally give them an insight into their chart that they deeply recognise but have never be able to find in any other astrological approach. You can order your own report by clicking this link

Also these reports can be given or sold to your clients.

and one more important feature....

Starlight is a virtuoso program for helping you discover the sky, the myths and the meanings of fixed stars. Other astrology programs can give you normal charting techniques, but only Starlight can enable you to see the image of the sky on the day you were born, and what stars make up the foundations of your life. Only Starlight can introduce you to the parapegma, (star calendar) the phase of a star, and the importance in your life of your Heliacal Rising Star, paran options and star meanings, Starlight is a completely new, and unique, concept in the world of astrological programs.

Starlight enables this exploration by providing astrologers with new, but simple, tools. For example, an interactive Sky Map - a planetarium especially designed for astrologers, where one can learn to find and name the stars in the sky, through images, myths and constellations. The Sky Map seamlessly links the starry sky to natal charts, and one can observe the chart and the sky simultaneously moving through time. The impact of the stars on a natal chart can be explored visually, as well as by paran reports both short and full, where every unique star and planet combination is defined and delineated by Bernadette Brady, author of Brady's Book of Fixed Stars (1998) and Star and Planet Combinations (2008).

Starlight is delivered on CD media, to unlock and use Starlight a Licence Key is required which will be transmitted to you via Email. For the minimum system requirement click here.

Starlight is a specialty program designed to allow astrologers to observe, research, learn about, and explore the world of fixed stars - on their desktop and, in the night sky. For more information click here to view the Features.

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